dreamachine_fA Japanese firm has come up with a machine that it says can give you the dreams you want. The device, called a ‘dream workshop’, gives stressed out people a chance to escape – at least in their dreams. Before nodding off, the would-be dreamer is supposed to look at a photo of what he or she wants to dream about and then record the story-line on the £77 machine. Using the voice recording as well as lights, music and aromas, says the company, the machine stimulates sleepers during periods of rapid eye movement (REM) and helps them choose their own dreams. “It has worked for quite a number of people,” said a spokesperson.

Pleasant escapism this may be, but a ‘dream workshop’ won’t of itself change anything in the real world. There are, however, other sorts of dream and other types of stimulation which can. The hopes we have for our own futures, and for that of others and the world, can give us renewed energy to help bring them to reality. We can choose to stimulate those hopes and dreams by what we read, whom we admire and by other deliberately chosen influences.

The Bible is an important source of such inspiration. From the Old Testament prophets who foresaw a just society, through to Jesus who saw a world where God was accepted as King, and to the book of Revelation with its vision of an end to mourning and crying and pain, it is a book packed with material to stimulate our dreams and encourage action.

So stimulated by what the Biblical writers and others have written and inspired by their vision, it’s possible to choose our dreams without the £77 outlay. Not a good idea, if it’s escapism we want, because this kind of biblically-inspired dream makes us want to get up and take action!

Read: We have the word of the prophets …. and you will do well to pay attention to it, as to a light shining in a dark place, until the day dawns and the morning star rises in your hearts. (2 Peter 1.19)

Rejoice: in people and writing which inspires my hope.

Reflect: what changes do I dream of in my life and work?

Remember: that by God’s grace, if I can’t see what to do to make my dreams a reality, just having the longings can make a difference.

Resolve: to do something today, however insignificant, towards creating the new world of which the Bible speaks.

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