Great Totham in Essex had its very own Pied Piper. A red-faced police inspector accidentally switched on a “Follow Me” message. Traffic built up after 5 law-abiding motorists obeyed the sign and tagged along behind his car. “No harm was done,” said one of the drivers, “I just feel a bit of a fool”. As no doubt did the police inspector.

2police-car-roof-signNone of us likes to look a fool. But Jesus must have appeared to be one. Ending up hanging on a cross after all the grandiose claims he and others had made about him. And at that point, the disciples must have felt foolish too – they’d trustingly followed him but look where it had led them.

The decision to follow Jesus today can also seem foolish to some. Those who make it may well find that initially they lose respect from people when they find out. Widespread misunderstanding of what being a Christian’s all about means that it often takes time for people to see its value in us. And of course there may well be things we feel we should say and do which will look foolish in the eyes of those who don’t see things the Christian way.

But that’s the lifestyle Jesus invites us to follow so we take pride in looking foolish and, whenever the opportunity arises, gently try to demonstrate in the way we live that it’s a far from stupid way of life.

Read: God chose what is foolish in the world to shame the wise (1 Corinthians 1.27)

Rejoice: in the wisdom and insight to be found in following Jesus.

Reflect: Is there anything ‘foolish’ I would do or say if I weren’t worried about what people would think?

Remember: that Christ’s ‘foolishness’ led not just to the cross but also to the new life of resurrection.

Resolve: to be strong in my faith and beliefs.

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