cursorHands-free Web surfing may be on its way. New technology enables a user’s nose to direct a cursor. A Webcam takes a snapshot of the user’s face, focussing on the tip of the nose as the guide point. The cursor is then guided by the nose as the head moves from side to side. The eyes also play a part – a blink of the right or left eye corresponds to the right or left click of a mouse button. Experts are not sure whether the nose-steered mouse, or “nouse”, will catch on. ‘Noses,’ said one, ’were not made to be used in this way; people baulk at doing things that require them to look silly and there is ample room for looking silly here.’

It does pay, if we don’t want to look silly, to use things for the purpose for which they were intended. The same is true of our lives. We feel most confident and well-balanced when our work and leisure activities reflect the particular qualities and skills we have been given.

Jesus went into the desert to decide the purpose for which his life was intended. He was tempted to make choices which would have taken him in different directions to those that were in tune with who he was.

Life’s demands often mean that we’re required to take on responsibilities for which we don’t feel particularly suited. There are other situations though which feel very comfortable and “right”. Knowing which is which guides us to an awareness of the underlying purpose of our lives. No doubt occasionally we’ll be tempted by apparently attractive but inappropriate options. But, if we stay true to what we were made to be and do, it will help ensure we are making the best use of our particular and unique personality.

Read: Jesus said: I know where I have come from and where I am going (John 8.14)

Rejoice: in my particular skills and abilities

Reflect: What temptations are most likely to attract me away from being and doing what’s right for me?

Remember: that the angels which ‘waited’ on Jesus in his decision-making are there for us too.

Resolve: to notice when I feel comfortable and when ill at ease in what I’m doing.

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