2sunSun, not water, may soon become the main cleansing agent. Scientists at Hong Kong Polytechnic University have discovered that clothing coated with tiny particles of titanium dioxide has only to be exposed to sunlight in order to automatically remove dirt from clothes. Activated by the light, the particles – each one 2,500 times narrower than a human hair – break down carbon-based molecules.

Removing the discomfort of an uneasy conscience or sense of failure is not so easy. Feelings of guilt or inadequacy can nag away at us until we long for some way of cleansing them from our minds and hearts. This is often done most effectively when we become aware of the warmth of someone’s love for us.

Such love need not be uncritical but it should be un-condemning. To be seen as we are, yet not judged, is a liberating experience and when such light shines on us, our capacity for self-acceptance begins to operate and drive away our malaise. This is the nature of God’s love for us. God’s love shines on us regardless of our failings. His unconditional regard for us cleanses us.

We can also offer such an accepting love to each other. When we listen carefully to people who’re feeling inadequate or guilty, we’re paving the way for a new beginning for them. By taking their issues seriously, at least as seriously as we take our own, we can help them feel they are emerging into the light, a light which cleanses and sets them free to move on, unencumbered by the past .
Read: There is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus (Romans 8.1)

Rejoice: in the forgiveness I receive from those who go on loving me when they have good cause not to.

Reflect: Am I afraid there are things about me that might deter God from loving me?

Remember: it won’t.

Resolve: to offer love which isn’t uncritical but is uncondemning.

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