Hello, my name’s Chris Morley. In my book, Tasting Life, I offer daily thoughts designed to help the reader to use the weeks of Lent to rediscover what it is to really live.

There are a number of ways you can access the material.

  • On this site,  use the link “Daily thoughts-each page a day” above and follow to the appropriate day
  • On this site, use the link “Daily thoughts-each page a week” above, click on the appropriate week, right click on the page and print out the daily thoughts for that week.
  • Express your interest by emailing TastingLife2021@outlook.com and you will receive in your inbox at the start of each day the relevant daily reflection. To stop receiving them, email the same address.
  • Purchase from the publisher the book (£9.99 + postage £3.75. ) or an eBook version (£9.99). The book is also available from other sources in both new and used condition.
  • There is also a CD version in which I read each day’s thought in an easily navigable format. You can purchase the CDs (£19.99, postage £3.75) from the publisher, Kevin Mayhew

The book suggests ways of reflecting on some Lenten themes – drawing  closer to God, discovering more about ourselves, understanding how God  might be encouraging us to move forward in our lives. There’s a  reflection for each day of Lent, with a different theme for each week: Choosing, Living, Longing, Loving, Growing. Each short daily reflection has a light-hearted beginning but a deeper, more challenging ending. There then follow some ideas that you can take a few moments each day thinking about. They come under the headings: Rejoice, Reflect, Remember, Resolve.  I hope the cumulative effect of  these reflections will lead us into savouring life’s riches even more  fully.

Rev Dr Jane Craske says of Tasting Life:

“During Lent last year, ‘Tasting Life’ gave me a deceptively simple form of Lent reflection which led into much deeper thought and prayer. Chris Morley’s reflections take us away from caricatures of Lent disciplines and lead to a rich celebration of the life God wants for us.”

The book would also make an excellent resource for a Lent group. Rev David Jenkins who recommended my Advent book (which is identical in style) to a group said they found it:

“Humorous, thought-provoking, challenging and reassuring; Chris Morley’s thoughts stimulated richly reflective discussion at a recent ecumenical group.”


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